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At Teqnix we help eCommerce companies to run highly trafficked websites.
We move your ON-LINE business to the Cloud. So you can focus on growing it faster than ever before.

How it works?


Behind the biggest online shops and applications there is always ONE BULLETPROOF Infrastructure that is way beyond what your off the shelf hosting provider can do.

This operational capability was mostly available for companies who had resources to build and run their own highly skilled teams. Not everyone want or knows how to do that. This stuff is hard.

In fact you need to change the way you build online services.

Consider 6 reasons why your business is not moving forward or will fail doing so:

  • Old, slow and costly website or infrastructure which you are frustrated with. It seems like a burden, not an asset

  • Outdated technology stack which you are afraid to touch because everything is done manually. This old version of your e-commerce platform.

  • Availability issues - your business suffers every time there is a downtime. Recovery time is often unknown

  • Lack of technical expertise to consider alternatives. You're concerned to make the wrong choice

  • Security is only a position on your never ending to-do list

  • You feel that your market position has changed, there are more competitors who're doing better than you do.

If the above sounds familiar, its high time to supercharge your business.

At Teqnix, we revolutionize the way you use technology. We lay down new foundations upon which your business will grow, scale and prospect more than ever before.

Keeping ahead of the curve is key to any business, and cloud is the fastest, most cost-effective business enabling technology to help companies achieve a competitive advantage.


Under the Hood

We tailor-optimise your technology stack using bulletproof Amazon Web Services platform!

Security is our foremost concern. We secure your business online presence with CloudFlare.

What is Amazon Web Services?

What is CloudFlare?


What's next?


Imagine what would you do if you could triple your growth? Quadruple? Take your time...

For hundreds of tech companies who are jumping every year onto the cloud bandwagon, the first question about cloud is a settled matter -- not if, but how and when do we get there?

Cloud sounds very promising and in fact can deliver astonishing results, although not for everyone. Therefore we're not for everybody.

To offer the highest level of service possible, we commit only to selected projects for which we can make the biggest positive difference.

We may be a good fit if...

  • Your business heavily relays on staying on-line

  • You run a highly trafficed service

  • You feel that you outgrew all your hosting providers

  • You're open minded and hungry for a positive paradigm shift

  • You're interested in honest advice to advance technical aspect of your business

  • You pay your bills promptly

If you think we're a good fit get in touch and we'll set up a time to discuss the details of your project.

Mike - Chief Devops Magician at Teqnix

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