High Availability. At your Service.

Keep your service always running, plan for failure. In the Cloud.


Our unique multi-active approach lets us deliver both performance and continuous operation of mission critical systems.


By leveraging Amazon Cloud, we are able to deliver close to 100% uptime for your services and applications.

Technical support

We guide and support you throughout the whole process of deploying and managing the cloud set up - according to your requirements.

Complete solutions

We build custom and comprehensive solutions which enable you to gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competitors.

100% uptime. Always ON-line.

Highly available cloud infrastructure with self healing services.

Security first

Security is our foremost concern. To deliver the most secure service possible, we’ve work with CloudFlare. CloudFlare protects you against multiple, advanced internet threats, including DDoS attacks, spam & crawling bots. It supercharges your websites with mobile optimised content and a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). As a part of our cloud service offering we provide you for free a CloudFlare Pro service.

Always ON-line

We always assume that failure will sometimes happen. Even with best highly available systems, there is a limit ‘how far you’re willing to go’, this is usually tied to your budget. To combat this, we ensure that even if your systems are down customers always get a “welcome - maintenance” page to protect your brand image. With detailed statistics, you know exactly what the impact was and can evaluate your business reliability requirements.

Monitor & Measure

We believe that every decision should be driven by intelligent data. We actively measure and monitor the infrastructure that we manage for our clients. To make it cost efficient for you - we provide guidance for scaling your infrastructure up or down based on these trends. We also alert and act on these trends to ensure you are delivering an effective service.

Flexible Hybrid Solution

Although we have chosen to build in the cloud, we also provide flexible hybrid solutions which involve a mix of cloud resources and on-premise infrastructure secured with encrypted VPN. These two solutions complement each other. We will always advise on the best for you solution.

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